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Martin DC16-GTE
Godin Multiac Steel SA w/ 13-pin MIDI output
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer


music has always been a part of my life. check out this audio clip of me singing my ABC's at age 2.

i owe most of my vocal abilities to my sister, Becca, who would force me to sing harmonies on long car trips with the family. once in school, i decided to take up an instrument. the reason was simple: anyone who played in the band got to skip out of class for two periods a week to attend lessons. sounded good to me. i went for the saxophone -- the one school band instrument that maintains any shred of sex appeal (albeit not much if you are a fourth grader with glasses and messy hair). stuck with it through high school, but realized when I got to college that dorm-mates don't particularly enjoy living next to horn players. so i ditched it, and picked up the acoustic guitar.

i spent a year in Central America after college, where i absorbed as much latin music as i could (and learned very quickly that i would NEVER be able to dance a salsa convincingly). i started taking songwriting more seriously when i moved to Atlanta in 1998. in 1999 i was introduced to a handful of musicians performing under the name Skyland Trail -- they included Bob Stepnicka and Paul Marnell, along with bass player Rick Vogler and singer Katie Wall. i joined them, and we played cover gigs around Atlanta for the next 2 years, first as Skyland Trail, and later as Turnstyle.

in 2003, i decided to give up the cover-band circuit, and focus on songwriting and original music. i formed the Joshua Golden Band with Paul and Bobby, and elicited the help of Schuyler Clark on bass. meanwhile, i was recording and producing a solo project which resulted in a CD called "Sweet Demand", released in 2004. that same year, we were joined by Jerry Loch on keys, and the band was complete. we played at original music venues all over Atlanta, and slowly evolved as a band over a two year period. most recently, we transitioned the band to a new name -- GOLDEN.

and the rest, as they say, is history. or actually, it isn't really history, since it hasn't happened yet. the rest is really the future...

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